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There is no way to truly verify a facility recovery rate. Most of the time, “recovery rate” is a term used to identify individuals who have successfully graduated from a recovery program.

Clients are allowed limited approved visitation after the first two weeks and after family participation in the family group on the third Saturday of the month. There will be no visitation in the units.

  1. Mandatory drug testing occurs weekly and at random.
  2. We observe a facility-wide 10 pm curfew at all times.
  3. Prior approval is needed to leave the county.

We encourage residents to bring enough clothes for a week and a day. Midway offers an on-site Washer & Dryer unit and supplies washing powder.

Community living consists of menu and meal planning for each apartment and sometimes cooking together collectively as a community which is part of the life-skill component.

Mobile devices are restricted for the first two weeks, and other devices in the first 90-days are prohibited. Residents will have access to the office phone and computer as needed, within restricted time, for the job readiness component.

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