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90-day intensive and extended stay 

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90-Day Intensive Program

Midway Recovery Systems is a 90-day residential program for males, age 21 and older.

Our intake process starts with a confidential phone interview. From there, all persons admitted to the program are evaluated by a licensed, certified addiction counselor. Evaluations include a comprehensive assessment of the client’s physical, emotional, behavioral, social, and educational status and needs.

We create individualized treatment plans based on intake assessments. All treatment plans include required participation in 12-step recovery meetings and group counseling sessions with discussions focused on recovery skills. The Midway curriculum and treatment modalities include:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Psychoeducation Groups
  • Job Readiness
  • Living Skills

The first 30 days consist of education groups, group therapy, individual therapy, and spiritual groups along with 12-step program involvement. After the first 30 days, residents may return to work or seek employment and maintain regular involvement in 12-step meetings. Additional counseling is available as needed. Family visitation opens once the initial 30 days of the program are completed.

We provide a monthly support group for family members, as a resource to learn coping strategies and information on relapse prevention. Family Group is held from 10 am – 11 am; the third Saturday of every month which the family can start once the client is admitted.

A primary facet of the Midway residential program is an emphasis on performing daily tasks such as housework, grounds keeping, and community service. In partnership with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish, residents periodically unload and distribute food to the community.

Our affordable residential fee includes food, housing and covers the entire 90-day treatment program. The affordable fees at Midway Recovery are made possible through the kind support of various civic, religious, businesses, private foundations, and individual donors. Please call us to discuss all available payment options.

The Extended Program

Upon graduating from Midway Recovery’s 90-day program, residents may have the option to stay in our sober living facilities. Please call our office for more information regarding our Extended Care Program.

Midway Recovery also holds a weekly meeting outside of our traditional operating hours. The Alumni support group meets every Thursday at 5:45pm until 6:30pm.


“Midway’s proven system of therapy changed my life, and it can change your life or your loved one’s life, too.”

– Anonymous

“I can’t say enough about what Midway gave me. That little campus and units hold such a spot in my heart, but most of all the staff. Midway truly saved my life, and I am honored to share what a special place it is.”

– W. M.

“I stayed [at Midway Recovery Systems] for 7 months. While there, I built a solid foundation for sobriety.”

– Anonymous

“Midway helped me recover from a hopeless state and provided a safe and stable environment for me to grow into a productive member of society. “

– R. K.

“If it was not for Midway, I would be dead. Midway is … a stopping place to give men a new beginning.”

– C. S.

“I relapsed in 2015. Even though this happened, I still kept in mind that things happen, but they don’t have to stay that way … I come to the aftercare meetings every week to help those that seek help.  I also give residents rides to and from meetings whenever needed. They help me get out of myself and help others. Midway is the place that made this all possible for me and what it takes to live a clean and productive life.”

– Anonymous

“Midway is a place of self reflection and a time of growth, given your willingness to put in the work they ask of you.”


“Essentially, Midway saved my life. The staff are down to earth and use a simple, caring approach to complicated and destructive problems. The style of treatment here is in many way different from other treatment facilities, but the goal is the same: living sober, happy and productive. The freedom they allow creates opportunities for self discipline and responsibility.”

– R. K.

“I left Midway with a new attitude and outlook on life that has continued to this day. IT WORKS!”

– Anonymous

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